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    My goal is to help you find best and legit psychic readings in affordable price

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    Hi, I am glad you are here, My only goal is to guide you through the process of choosing best psychic readers who can potentially transform your life in a positive way. I have dedicated this website for the same purpose.

    Why am I so keen on helping you find right psychic readings?

    Well, there's a back story. I was frustrated with my life, a single parent of 2 kids without job, life was already hard, and I was loosing at everything. So to find solutions to my life problems I turned towards psychic readings, and it was a mixed experience at the start. If only I had someone to guide for choosing right psychic readings. Psychic reading can be life changing experience and can transform your life, but you have to find right legit psychic readers who really possess the ability to transform your life. I have personally consulted almost dozens of psychics in past 10 years and mostly I got disappointed, there are lot of fraud people out there who will scam your money and only tell you what you want to hear. But some are really knowledgeable in the field and can bring positive change in your life and in those who are related to you. But for that you first must know what services are legit and avoid scam. When your life is hard, people take advantage of your vulnerabilities, that's what happened when I went out to seek help with the psychic reading. Most of the psychic reading people were total fraud and amateurs and told me only what I wanted to hear, but some were really legit and helped me get through my life problems. That's why I set on a mission to help people find best and legit psychic reading services that are also cheap and affordable.  
    You stumbled on this site so probably you are looking for a online psychic readings services. I am going to share my experience with psychic reading services with you.

    Below I have listed some of the best online psychic reading services available today.


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  • Top Psychic Providers 2016

    My Top Picks Of The Best Psychic Readers 2016

    AskNow Psychic Advice

    Most trusted and top rated psychic advice service

  • Top Psychics Reviews

    We always strive for the best.

    Ask Now Psychic Review

    I've tried many different psychics in the past but Ask Now was by far the best. They provided me with excellent customer service, a top notch reading and stayed within my budget. Ask Now is perfect for first time users because they guided me through the process step by step. They employ top notch psychics and allow you to choose the psychic to provide you with your reading. My psychic answered all of my questions and I’ll definitely request her again and again.
    Ask Now also provides different options for readings. They offer phone readings and online chats. The online chat might be good for someone who is a bit nervous or shy about reaching out to a psychic. I was very pleased to have these two options to choose from. I opted for the phone reading and my psychic touched on all bases in my life including; love, destiny, career, and much more. I did not have to answer many personal questions before she began my reading. I’ve often felt let down in the past when a psychic begins a call or reading with one hundred questions about myself. I feel as if I am providing her with too many answers. This was not the case with my Ask Now psychic. She got to know me a bit but I felt confident that I did not supply her with answers to my upcoming questions. With different expert advisors in different fields, you will have the chance to ask any question related to your life and get an answer. Ask Now will always connect you to a psychic that will help you clarify or help you with the question or problem you may be having.
    I really liked having the option to pick my own advisor. The website was very easy to navigate and I was impressed with the psychics that were available to give a consultation to me. The psychic directory was up front about costs and had reviews from previous clients. I was so impressed that I left a review at the end of my reading and rated my psychic. I have called other psychic sites that just pick the man or woman for me which left me feeling uncomfortable. I personally feel more comfortable with a woman psychic so having the ability to choose was fantastic.
    My experience with Ask now was simple from beginning to end. They accept all major credit cards and offer promotional items to not just first time customers but also returning customers. I took advantage and enjoyed some of the perks that were offered to me I could control how long the call was taking and how much I was spending. I didn't feel rushed or like the psychic was trying to keep me on the line to add more time. I would recommend Ask now to anyone that seeks answers but doesn’t want to pay a fortune or answer a ton of questions before getting to the reading. I was highly impressed with my psychics knowledge and I will be calling her again and again.


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  • What Services Can a Psychic Offer?


    Types of Psychic Reading Serivces

    • Online Tarot card reading
    • Online psychic reading
    • Psychic & mediumistic reading
    • Psychic Medium
    • Psychic phone readings
    • Psychic chat readings
    • Psychic text readings
    • Psychic E-mail readings
    • Dream analysis
    • Astrology
    • Past life regressions
    • Distance Healing
    • Astrology charts


    List of top rated psychic readers in psychic community

    • Ask Now Psychics
  • Prepare For Your Psychic Reading


    Timing is important

    Make sure you are relaxed, sober and ready for your psychic reading, People often get nervous before psychic reading, so it's no surprise many people consult with the psychics intoxicated. Psychics can't make proper connection with you if you are hungover or on some kind of sleeping pills.

    Be in the relaxed state

    Make it easy for you and for psychic

    As I said people often get nervous about reading. This is common experience among most psychics I am in contact with. When people show up on reading they are bit upset about something, about relatives, co-workers, having to wait in the psychic's office. Take a minute or two before your reading, clear your mind for best possible outcome.

    Prepare Your Questions

    Ask all the right questions

    Be brief and specific when asking your questions. You may ask questions about anything to psychic, like your problems, love, relationship etc. But don't repeat yourself and/or lead on to questions, psychic will grasp what are your wishes and he/she may only tell you what you want to hear.

    Stand Your Ground

    Keep energy flowing

    Keeping energy throughout your reading is one of the most important thing for powerful psychic reading. Don't get upset if you hear something disappointing, be open to all the possibilities, that way you can keep your energy flowing throughout reading. Don't hesitate to talk about your issues but keep open mind about responses.


    Meditation is good for psychic reading also

    Meditation is scientifically proven way for stress relief, while meditation certainly has lots of mental and health benefits. if you meditate every morning 15 to 20 minutes a week just before your reading, you will easily connect with your medium. It is experienced by lot of my friends in psychic community

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